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Ronak R. The purpose is achieved.. June 7, 2009
Hi Tim,

Your creative contributions to the world of music in the form of AlgoMusic products have enriched many musicians' lives. May your name, your work and the legend you started continues forever.

The purpose of life is, as we all know, not to live forever; but to create something that will! And the purpose of your life, as it seems to me, is greatly achieved.


Ronak R. / RokZRooM
Chris Synth Legend May 25, 2009
Tim will always be remembered as a legend for so sooooo many reasons. (so many projects) For the Chimera synths project alone he inspired a whole generation of us that it was indeed possible to make "those" sounds... to take things to the next level. "Well Tim figured it out so there must be a way!". The "TC" presets in the plugs too... what would we have done without them. Condolences to all family and friends.
Max Thank you Tim May 9, 2009
My condolences to his family. Tim was a great man for sure and a very talented sound programmer. The sounds he programmed for the various synths over the years were pure magic, the name of the patches had always a reference to astronomy, he was my favourite sound programmer, I always been surprised by his skills... The music comunity will miss the "TC" fingerprint in front of the patch names!
Pete Legacy May 6, 2009
I bought my first piece of production hardware just a month ago: an Atari ST, a computer I knew only by reputation. In my research I came across Tim's site. I sat, and read, and listened, and absorbed everything. Tim armed me with more knowledge and inspiration than I could have asked for. Little did I know that he had passed on already.

Tim, even after your journey had come to an end, you started me on mine. I'm sure I won't be the last. This is your legacy, and I'm honoured to be your student. Thank you for everything.
KLB Lord May 1, 2009
A true gem he was. I first got to know him through his presets for Crystal. And then learnt that he was one of the best sound designers around, truly.

This is an ir-repairable loss. Maybe peace be with you Tim, forever and beyond. My sincere condolences to the members of his family, for this hour is more difficult for them than words can express.
Dale Atkin Deeply sad April 30, 2009
To say that I'm shocked is an understatement. I can barely see the screen through my tears. I'm so very sad to hear of Tim's passing. I'm at a loss for words.

Peace be with you all.
Patbo your co-pilot April 22, 2009
So  TIMBO,  there I was, heading back to Texas after saying our goodbyes.  Flying somewhere over the nNevada desert and while sitting alone near the window I spied the most amazing clouds I have ever ever seen.  Puffy, billowy, creeping up and there in the middle was this cloud, AWESOME, STRANGE, UNIQUE..... Bursting out of the middle of miles and miles of came out of nowhere, like a cosmic explosion,  and then at the top it went a table....I took picture after picture from all angles......Honestly I half expected to see you flying by , arms outstretched, or you sitting crosslegged as you sat on the beach in santa Barbara...playing your wooden flute....laughing at me and my questions............... Tim I cryed for you that I smile when I think ofall the fun conversations we you laughed at my 'knowledge of MIDI" yet stared astonished at my playing adn ease of creation.    TIMBO,  I am learning to fly alone......I miss you ...I love you.
The Big Mountain very sad April 14, 2009
You where a great person and a great sound designer. Rest in Peace
Tim Wilson A sad loss April 11, 2009

Like many here I came to know Tim through music. I was a member of his friendly atari yahoogroup. He moderated the group with a gentle sense of humour and generosity of spirit rarely matched, and became the hub of a happy community. His love of algorithmic music and left field creations demonstrated a playful joyfulness and open minded attitude to music. He was knowledgeable, diplomatric, patient and helpful; attributes which paid dividends as he achieved well deserved success and esteem in product develpment and sound design.


The sadness of his loss is matched only by his generosity of spirit.

Steve Mueske I will miss him. April 10, 2009

I'm shocked to hear of this.  I've only known Tim for a few years, and that was mostly through correspondence, but he's always been a great guy to me.  I've been in awe of the depth of his talent and how ubiquitous his sound design work is across so many companies, genres, and products.


I will truly miss him as a true source of inspiration.

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