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Emdot Godspeed kind soul March 2, 2009

Tim and I lived on different sides of the country. I never met him, never spoke to him. I only knew him through email and online music forums. Even so, my contacts with him left an indelible mark on me. In him I saw a kindred spirit...a love of music, of people and a sense of wonder about the universe around us.


Musically we were related, sharing many of the same influences and tastes in both musical form and our love of music technology. And he was as creative in the technology area as he was in his music. I own several of the software instruments he created, and helped create preset sounds for his M-51 Galaxy synthesizer. I had hoped to be communicating with him for frequently in the coming year, as a long-term project I've just begun strongly features the synthesizers he created. At least I am glad he heard the first song of that project, and that he found pleasure in it.


Tim was a gentle, generous and genuinely good person. Everything I ever saw him write was written with good intent. He cared about people and always, always did his best to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with them.

What a wonderful man. I only wish I could have met him in person.

Godspeed my friend on whatever journey awaits us.

German Fafian A very warm and helpful soul March 2, 2009
I 've "known" Tim from my first steps into electronic music making about 5 yrs ago and was always surprised on how patient and helpful he always was. He was always ready to lend me a hand in forums for any problem or doubt I had with Virtual synths and then he turned me into Fractal music creation.
His patches were always a fresh open canvas for new ideas for this guitar-head-turned-synth-freak.
He will be greatly missed and always remembered for his very warm humanity.
May his sould reach the stars he always loved so much.
My condolences to his family and those he touched with his music and soul.
Artvera Forever in our hearts and memories March 2, 2009

I were in contact with Tim mainly via emails, especially at work for Camel Audio. Tim was always very helpful, willing and nice man. He was very talented for music, excellent sound designer and very experienced in it what he made. Tim always stay in our hearts and our memories for everything, what he brought to music community. I am profoundly sad....

My deepest condolence to his family and his friends.

Paul Batlan loss to the community... March 2, 2009
a great loss to the analog music making community - rest in peace and sincere condolences to Tim's family for this loss of a great person and music maker...
Zvon A true gentleman March 2, 2009
Even though I never met Tim in person, I had the pleasure and honor to work with him on a few projects. He was a gentle man and a true gentleman.

My sincere condolences to all his family.
Ed Christensen Tim was a brilliant musician March 2, 2009

I had only just met jammed with Tim two weeks ago, and had the most satisfying musical experience I’ve had in over ten years.  I was looking forward to a long friendship.  This is truly a great loss.

Victor Hugo Flores Very sad moment March 2, 2009
Tim Conrardy was a great musician. I knew him in the Fractal Music Forum. I'm very sorry about his passed away.
Stuart Dick It is with a sad heart March 2, 2009

that I recieved the news that TC had passed away, he was one of the industries most prolific patch creators and will be sorely missed.

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