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This memorial was created to remember Tim Conrardy who was born on March 25, 1957 and passed away on February 28, 2009.  He touched many people's lives, particularly with his music and sounds.  He was a resident of northern California for the last 30 years, but through the internet he had an impact far beyond that area.  His online presence at Tim's Atari Midi World has many examples of his music and helpful articles, and his large collection of sounds reflects his extreme talent and will continue to be a well-used resource for musicians.  When his passing was announced on it generated 22 pages of condolences and thoughts from around the world within less than a day, including numerous mentions of his unfailing cheerfulness and helpfulness.  There are additional postings and threads here and here, with songs written and software released in his memory.  His recent co-workers created a summary of his sound-designing career..   If Tim touched your life, please share your thoughts here by leaving candles, condolences, and memories.





Latest Condolences
Kevin Rogers An Amazing Man February 7, 2016
I purchased my Atari Falcon the year that it came out. To this day I use still use it for dedicated sequencing. Tim's page is and will always be and inspriration to all Atari users. I never had the chance to meet Tim however is memories will always live forever.

Kevin Rogers
Dennis Triplett Admirer January 26, 2016
I've been out  of the music world for awhile but found out that this amazing man has passed on.  I just wanted to give my condolences to his family and friends.  He will be missed..
Pat McDowell Missing you still everyday September 9, 2015
JUst stopped y to tell you my music is getting stronger everyday,  Miss our monthly chats, memories of 35 years as friends, We will look in on Diane this year at Xmas time.  See you across the starfield one day....
Shawn Cooley You would be proud of me..... July 12, 2015
Brother Tim, I miss you.  I was thinking of you today.  I finally started converting our old cassette recordings to mp3, although some of our best may not turn out on the tape, unless I can find a way to improve what there is.  I have many regrets for not driving down more often to record more and move ahead faster on our projects.  All I can do is think about you, pray for your family, continue to clean up, restore, and enhance the recordings we have....and look forward to the day when we will walk those streets with all the time in the world to make even greater music.  Blessings, my friend and brother. You are awesome!
Asterios (Astrofaros) My new track "Astrogenesis" dedicated to Tim! March 2, 2015
This is my new track "Astrogenesis", dedicated to Tim Conrardy (RIP) a great sound designer-producer, that inspired (and still inspires!) with his amazing-extraordinary synths & music! I have used (beside others) two of Tim's amazing synths to bring in life Astrogenesis! Smile
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