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Zayne Changed my life July 3, 2022
dear Tim Conrardy, your synthesizers began a huge inspiration for me in sound design and i have been chasing my dreams. I really appreciate everything you have done. I really wish i was able to talk to you. I am very grateful for you and everything you have given to the world. Thank you - Z
Andy in Italy ...just thanks June 20, 2014
Due to work and child I gave up on music for a long while.
Now everything is dusted off, I went through updating everything and - of course - came across Tim (again).
I really am sad I didn't know he had passed away, but I thank him for so much inspiration - then, and especially now.


 Wow... I was on the Camel Audio site just surfing around... like Tim, and the rest of us that love sound, I'm always visiting sites to see what's new. I was totally stunned when I learned that Tim had passed away... and a couple of years ago at that.

I have never been "famous"... though I've worked with plenty of famous people... I've just been a guy that's been lucky enough to work on music my entire life... but Tim treated me like a VIP... no matter how many times I asked the same question a different way.

It's been a long time since I corresponded with Tim, but I can say without reservation that Tim is one of the people that took time to respond to my zillions of questions when I was a newbie in digital audio many years ago. Thank you, Tim... you answered questions and helped me continue to be curious. Curiosity... that's so important. Whoever you are, reading this, be curious... stay curious... about how you can improve the way you love others...

I'm listening to Tim's "Beautiful Galaxy" with tears in my eyes.

To Tim's family... I don't know you, but God's mightiest and richest blessings on you... on all of us.


Jim Klonarides
I was the drummer in Tim's band that won the battle of the bands in high school.  We were friends from the time he moved to McLean, VA until he moved to the west coast. I enjoyed playing music with Tim and we had a lot of fun.  Through the advent of the internet we had emailed and talked to each other for a brief time in 2008.  I'm truly sorry that I was not able to spend more time talking with Tim.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Tim's family.  Tim was for sure a great musical mind!  Rest in peace my friend.
Martin Oppus
I met Tim a couple of times when I was trying to unload my beloved Atari ST about 15 years ago. I no longer had a use for it and essentially wanted to just give it away to a good home. God must have led me to him. I went to his house and he shared with me his passion for music and the Atari. I thought it was really hilarious to see a burnt Yamaha DX7 on the floor of his study. He explained that it had somehow been in a fire and the keys had melted together. He pried/filed them apart and the thing still worked! A true illustration of what a resourceful and creative man he was. I still remember just sitting there as he showed me his TT (or was it a Falcon?) running a browser of some sort. Even though our meeting was very brief, he made such an impression on me as an energetic and enthusiastic man who loved life. In fact, the impression he made on me led me to this website. Though we had not kept in touch at all, I would still google him every so often just to see what he had been doing. Today was one of those moments. Reading what Christina Conrardy wrote, I'm not surprised to see how loved he was. May God bless him and his family. Martin
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