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steve cooley
I knew Tim for just over a year during the first year that Share-San Jose was getting started.   I have a couple of videos of him in action.  Mr. Thompson is absolutely correct..  Tim Conrardy could pick up any instrument and do something interesting with it.  And always with an intense zeal and focus.  Behold tim at 1:15 into this video of the first share-sj meetup, here playing a hand-made instrument that Derek Scott built.

and here you can see him shorty before his passing, collaborating with the group at Share.

Tim is an inspirational guy to me. He did what he loved and made his living at it.  He had a such a fantastic gift for experimenting with audio and was really cool about sharing his enthusiasm for making music. He was always quick to laugh and such a super nice guy. I know we will miss him deeply.. 
Tim Thompson
I've never met a more intuitive musician.  He filled the world around him, both in person and on the internet, with gorgeous melodies and sounds.  He could mix a cassette tape and make it sound like a CD.  His nickname in some circles was "Space Ace", for his prodigious ability to create "space music".  I'm grateful that I got a chance to play with him a number of times, he was a loyal participant in our SHARE San Jose group.  He could take any instrument that you played with your hands and do wonderful things with it - here's one example on youtube: .  He was always cheerful, enthusiastic, and helpful.  He was a very dear friend, I'll miss him terribly, and I'm grateful to have known him.  I look forward to being inspired by his memory.
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