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Patbo Timbo it's Christmas Time. December 25, 2009
Some how TIM, being back in the Bay Area is not the same this year without our every year get together. You are so deep in my heart and thoughts , especially this time of year. My prayers for your parents, for your brothers and sisters, and center family. Mostly I pray and send my love to Diane and Christina at this special time. I miss you every day, and your music WILL NOT go forgotten......Your reward comes in Heaven and your music shall flourish long after we are all gone..... You touched so many ives, there is not a single corner of this earth that you did not touch someones life through your music, spirit, kindness , soul and heart..... Bless you TIMBO, I miss you but rejoice that you are in the heavens above watching over all of us, and that one day you and our loved ones will all be together again. I will have to wait, but I look for you invert cloud formation I see. Your brother in music, Patbo -out-
mark fassett condolence December 5, 2009
I only knew Tim because of his online Atari site (he helped me in my Falcon days) and for one free form live musical collaboration we did together (along with others). It was put together by Rick Escobar. I just found some video files of a few of the pieces we did... Enjoy...
Ronald Recker designer November 9, 2009

Timbo, your music and friendship will last forever.


I was crushed to look up Tim’s Midi World on the Internet to find a link that said you have moved on. Although I never had a chance to meet you face to face, you have been a caring and understanding person to me on the net in your Email’s for many years and I will miss you deeply. I will miss your friendship, guidance and advice on my projects and most of all the hart and soul of your music that we will miss now.


Author of Micro*Music, (A.K.A. Railroad to him).

Marc C An Amazing Creative Talent October 2, 2009
As a newcomer to the world of soft synths, TimC (as I knew him) made my early travels a lot more interesting and educational.  I only wish I could've learned more from him.

My most sincere condolences to Tim's family.

Adieu, Tim.  You'll be missed!

Marc C. (Ohm)
patrick mcdowell hey Timbo August 31, 2009
For over 30 years we played music, laughed and you patiently mentored me with every question in the book about MIDI, atari, and then we would hook up and play..sometimes ninths passed, sometimes years.....but non the less it was as if Time had not passed. You and I could create musical genius , on the spot, in the moment, watching each others hands and fingers , following along wither eyes, ears, hearts imaginations and soul filled wonder at what each of us could and were doing musically. Magic, true awe inspiring musical magic. Then you had to go, 6 months ago you left this earthly place, for the heavens above , you left family, friends, and thousands of others that I observe their contacts daily, weekly. Tim my dear friend I miss you each and every day. I learn more now alone with you gone , but with you in my heart and mind as if I was going to see you this Christmas as we have for oh so many years past . And I could show a you a thing or two about what I have learned. Timbo , in your passing I have learned so many things about my music, my musical passion and MIDI that you should be proud. Sometimes I look simply at the clouds and play...watching for that quick glimpse of you passing along from that clouds to the ground and back into the heavens... Tim it's been 6 months and my admiration , love and awe of you will never pass......Patbo - out-
Stef vanstiphout (Mute Albino) musician/composer August 20, 2009
I remember having a problem in Cubase on my Atari (I was a newbie). I mailed him and got an answer right away. He was a kind man with great ears! Thanks Tim for that one message that gave me the kickstart!
Lucky W 1040ST MIDI July 26, 2009


Thankyou for helping all of us Atari music folks over so many years.

The tips and knowledge you shared was invaluable. Many thanks

I know your efforts helped alot of us.




Stefan Benz (lotek style) Tim's music in our archive July 25, 2009
For everybody who doesn't know it yet... his music will be here forever... in our archive
FADING TWILIGHT - music from the atari scene:

Rest in peace, TIM.
Paul Xavier I miss you man! July 21, 2009
Wow,  what a shock.  I met Tim at the namm show in 2006.  He was a friendly positive guy.  He had a warmth about him!  I was enthused about Camel Audio because of him.  He was my go to man at Camel Audio and my company ( was planning  on developing some programs for the camel Audio Vst's.  We are lost without him!
Luke 777 Thank You For Your Talents and Gifts July 20, 2009
I send my sincerest condolences to Tim's family and friends. He lives on through all his amazing programming, and through all of his beautiful music. Tim was a truly gifted and talented man, while also living as a true philanthropist. I go to his programmed sounds regularly. They are always very inspiring. Our loss, is Heaven's gain. Our Creator and Life Force has given Tim the best gift of all -- Eternal Life !!! I will remember Tim always, and feel his presence whenever I use his amazing sounds. He will still be living on, here on earth, as long as we use his sounds, and listen to his music. I am sure that Tim is making the best of his new life, just as he made so many of us smile, laugh, and relax here. Catch you later Tim ! With much love, respect, and admiration, Luke 777
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