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Philip Chika A Giant Has Been Lost March 29, 2012

I had the pleasure of interacting with Tim a few times via his Atari Midi website and Yahoo Atari Midi user group. Thanks to Tim I was able to replace my aging Dr. T's copy protected software disks with a non-copy protected version directly from Dr. Emile Tobenfeld himself.

 I came to highly value the contributions Tim made on his Atari Midi website, which I often used as a resource both for the many fine algorithmic compositional software downloads it made available but also even more importantly the tutorials he painstakingly created and posted. Some of those tools are not very intuitive by modern standards and the tutorials go a long way towards smoothing out the learning curves.

 I also purchased both his M42 and M51 synth VSTs and those along with the Atari ST software from his site continue to play an important role in my studio and compositions today. I especially want to credit Tim with my re-introduction to one of my own synths. I have a Kawai K1 which I've had for more than twenty years. I had all but forgotten about it, but when Tim and I bantered back and forth a bit about it (he really liked that synth) I took another look at it, and found that by adding a few modern effects I was able to breathe new life into an old synth. That's entirely Tim's doing.

 In the field of experimental electronic music Tim was a true giant along a whole range of fronts, from sound design, to algorithmic composition, to promotion of the art and tools available.

 Even though Tim passed three years ago, one can still sense his absence today. Though I barely knew him personally, his impact on me is profoundly felt. In the world of electronic music, his passing leaves a void which may never be filled. But his legacy will live on for many years to come.

 RIP Tim and thank you so much for all you have done. The world is a much better place for your having been in it.


Philip Chika (aka MutantMozart)

River Kanoff Big Fan January 7, 2012
Hello Tim,

We never knew each other, but I've been using Fruity Loops and experimenting with VSTs for it for years, and a lot of those came from you, so I feel like you kinda helped teach me the ropes. Thanks for everything. Rest in peace. 
Eric Ameres Software Engineer Musician February 4, 2011
I had numerous interactions with Tim mainly through his Atari MIDI World when we worked together to free M and RealTime. I've used his sounds in the meantime, but we fell out of touch a few years back. I can't say enough nice things about Tim and how saddened I am to hear of his passing. The music world is a better place because of him. Eric.
Claudio Adios Tom December 31, 2010
gracias por tus soberbios patches.
we will miss you
Eric O'Mara Thank you September 5, 2010
Merci Monsieur Conrardy pour toutes ces sonorités merveilleuses et pour votre travail fabuleux! Je continuerai à penser à vous chaque fois que j'irai chercher un son dans les étoiles!

We will miss you, TIM

nukem empire dear tim April 25, 2010

dear tim, may be your body is gone, may be you are not physicaly present, but i am sure, your soul goes on and on, like my falcon 030.

thanks for all tips, inspiration and love.

nukem empire

Randy Allred My old friend Tim March 11, 2010

I just learned of Tim's passing when I tried to e-mail him. Thanks for creating this site.


Tim was my best friend in grade school and junior high here in Washington state. We had many great childhood adventures! (And hello to David and the rest of Tim's family!) We started playing guitar at the same time, and had a blast learning and jamming together.


After Tim's family moved away, we fell out of contact for many years. Then a couple of years ago, Tim found me on the Internet. We caught up and shared some creative things we'd done since last seeing rach other. We'd planned to do some musical collaboration over the Internet in the future.


When Tim contacted me after all those years, I could see he was still the nicest guy, never a trace of malice or guile, always kind, always creative. We need more folks like Tim in the world, so sad to see him gone from us. But his memory leaves me with a good feeling.



Bellingham, WA

Patbo Timbo it's Christmas Time. December 25, 2009
Some how TIM, being back in the Bay Area is not the same this year without our every year get together. You are so deep in my heart and thoughts , especially this time of year. My prayers for your parents, for your brothers and sisters, and center family. Mostly I pray and send my love to Diane and Christina at this special time. I miss you every day, and your music WILL NOT go forgotten......Your reward comes in Heaven and your music shall flourish long after we are all gone..... You touched so many ives, there is not a single corner of this earth that you did not touch someones life through your music, spirit, kindness , soul and heart..... Bless you TIMBO, I miss you but rejoice that you are in the heavens above watching over all of us, and that one day you and our loved ones will all be together again. I will have to wait, but I look for you invert cloud formation I see. Your brother in music, Patbo -out-
mark fassett condolence December 5, 2009
I only knew Tim because of his online Atari site (he helped me in my Falcon days) and for one free form live musical collaboration we did together (along with others). It was put together by Rick Escobar. I just found some video files of a few of the pieces we did... Enjoy...
Ronald Recker designer November 9, 2009

Timbo, your music and friendship will last forever.


I was crushed to look up Tim’s Midi World on the Internet to find a link that said you have moved on. Although I never had a chance to meet you face to face, you have been a caring and understanding person to me on the net in your Email’s for many years and I will miss you deeply. I will miss your friendship, guidance and advice on my projects and most of all the hart and soul of your music that we will miss now.


Author of Micro*Music, (A.K.A. Railroad to him).

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